Parental Monitoring

Parental Monitoring

Surveillance Applications and Parental Controls

In this Day and Age You can’t possibly Control What Your Children are Participating in Without Help

By utilizing the next generation of smartphone spy software packages anyone can safeguard and track down mobiles. It doesn’t actually make any difference whether or not you might be looking to shield your loved ones or planning to cope with child behavior problems. If you are a parent – and you’re not yet monitoring your kids; then, by all criteria you are not being responsible.

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Why You Need to Protect You And Your Family

Without Question, Predators Are Hunting Your Kids, Believe It

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) ( It is believed that more than half a million pedophiles are online every day.

CyberBullying: Victim or Perpetrator

Is Your Own Child is Doing Cyber Bullying? Besides criminal charges, the civil litigation system has economic consequences for cyberbullying which are now significant enough to make even the most lax parent or guardian of a cyberbully start to pay attention. Besides liability against the cyber bully himself on matters including defamation, disclosure of private details and intentional infliction of emotional distress, parents might now be held answerable for their child’s cyber bullying should they fail to adequately monitor the child’s internet activity. You can be sued.

Innocent Fun or Felony Sex Crime

In the majority of states, teenagers caught with “sexting photos” on their smartphones can in fact be charged with possessing child porn – even if they themselves are under 18, and even if the pictures are of themselves.

Parental Monitoring and Parental Control

  • The normal American adolescent transmits an average of aroundone hundred SMS text messages every day
  • An astounding Twenty percent of teens state they have sent or posted nude or seminude ‘sexting’ images, possibly a serious sex crime.
  • 80% of all vehicle collisions in the US involve distracted motorists, taking the lives of thousands of teenagers annually

KPC = Keeping Parents Clueless

  • P911 = Parent Alert
  • PAL = Parents Are Listening
  • PAW = Parents Are Watching
  • PIR = Parent In Room
  • POS = Parent Over Shoulder

Parental Monitoring and Parental Control

Parental responsibly means figuring out exactly where children are and just what they are doing with their cell phones and computers. The FBI suggests that parents employ monitoring technology. The FBI document, A Parents Guide to Internet Safety, reminds everyone of the need for monitoring and proposes it can easily be done unobtrusively. Download the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Parents Guide to Internet Safety or read the Parents Guide to Internet Safety online on the FBI Website. This applies to both computers and smartphones. If you might be already mindful of the need for internet safety and communications monitoring for computers, then you definitely also need to be thinking about smartphone monitoring and tracking. To Monitor Young Adults Smartphone Usage: Parents and guardians use mobile phone spy phone software applications to get a handle on distracted drivers, sexting, predators, excessive use.

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Useful Resources for Concerned Parents and Guardians

Guard Against Online Predators

To read more about the subject of threats from social networking sites, go here statistics of the dangers of social media sites.

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Reference Info About How to Prevent Sexting

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Resource Info About Teen Texting While Driving

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Resource Info Regarding How to Stop Cyberbullying

What’s Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying, aka Cyber Bullying, is bullying which takes place by using electronic and digital technologies. Examples of cyberbullying consist of mean spirited texting, emails or IM/chat messages, rumors delivered by email or posted on social networks, and embarrassing pictures, videos, internet sites, or bogus profiles.

Cyberbullying is social terror by technology

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How To Provide Protection to Your Loved Ones with Spy Software and Web Services

Monitoring Technology from Pre-Qualified Suppliers

  • Suggested for tracking and monitoring and web activity logging; and also noteworthy for bonus of one license working on multiple phones – great for families and small business is Mobile Spy.
  • Preferred for tracking and monitoring and web activity logging; plus parental controls is PhoneSheriff.
  • Suggested for monitoring, tracking, web activity and voice eavesdropping is MobiStealth.
  • FlexiSpy. Their live Phone Tapping capabilities and focus on being completely invisible make them a contender.

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Computer Monitoring Products from Suggested Vendors

Keylogger Software and Internet Filter

SniperSpyRemote Computer Monitoring; installs remotely through email, loaded with capabilities including real-time and archived activity capture. For Windows PC and Apple Mac.

AceSpy Monitors activity and blocks applications and websites.

WebWatcherRemote Computer Monitoring; loaded with functions, popular. For Windows PC

Safe Eyes loaded with features for Parental Control for Windows & Mac

LapTop Cop Lost Computer protection; tracks laptop location as well as capturing user activity and can backup files. For Windows PC

MobiStealth Spy Software is also offering a full-featured computer spy package for Windows PC.

For Tablets and iPad

Mobile Spy Phone Software also supplies a solution for the Apple iPad and Tablet PC’s, Peek Tab.

MobiStealth also offers a feature rich computer spy package for Windows.

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Reverse Phone Number Search and Reverse Email Directory Packages from Suggested Suppliers

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Recommended Background Checks Packages from Qualified Vendors

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Hidden Cameras and Related Equipment Solutions from Approved Companies

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Appropriate Malware Protection Options from Pre-Qualified Companies

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Before Making Your Final Decision about Cellphone Monitoring and Tracking Technology Read Through This Consumer Information

Learning all the technical terminology and working through all the various web sites is a frustrating task. We’ve compiled a comparison and endorsement of what we think are the best solutions. The Phone Monitoring Comparison page rates the products, evaluates the vendors while offering more info to assist buyers decipher it all. Find the actual process of: Phone Tracker Location, Look at SMS Text messages & Email, Call Logs, MMS Multi-media Pictures & Video, Web-sites Frequented, Eavesdrop & Record Cell phone calls and more.

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  • Tools for Do It Yourself Private Investigators

  • MobiStealth Monitoring Software

    • Location Tracking
    • Call Recording
    • Spy Call Microphone Control
    • Text Message Monitoring
    • Call Logs & Contact Details
    • Photo & Video Monitoring
    • Web History
    • SIM Change Notification
    • Remote Phone Wipe
    • Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,
      Symbian, Windows

    Go to MobiStealth

  • Mobile Spy Monitoring Software

    • GPS Tracking
    • Text Message Monitoring
    • Call Logs
    • Photo and Video Monitoring
    • SMS Command Remote Control
    • SIM Change Notification
    • Remote Phone Wipe
    • App Blocking and Social Media Monitor
    • LIVE Control Panel (Add-on)
    • Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,
      Symbian, Windows

    Go to Mobile Spy

  • PhoneSheriff Monitoring Software

    • GPS Location
    • Call & SMS Filtering
    • App & Web Filtering
    • Time Restrictions
    • Text Message Monitoring
    • Image Monitoring
    • Call Logs
    • SMS Command Remote Control
    • SIM Change Notification
    • Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,
      Symbian, Windows

    Go to Phone Sheriff

  • FlexiSpy Monitoring Software

    • Intercept Call - Live Phone Tap
    • Spy Call - Hear Surroundings
    • Cell Phone GPS Tracking
    • Intercept SMS Messages
    • Capture Email
    • Call Logs
    • Address Book
    • Remote Control Settings
    • SIM Change Notification
    • Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,
      Symbian, Windows

    Go to FlexiSpy

  • SniperSpy Remote Monitor

    • Windows PC & Apple Mac
    • Websites Visited
    • Screenshots
    • Location Tracking
    • Keystroke Logging
    • Chat Conversations
    • Applications Used
    • Automatic File Copying

    Go to SniperSpy

  • SafeEyes Monitor and Filter

    • Windows PC & Apple Mac
    • Content Controls
    • Control Allowed Apps
    • Time Controls
    • Web Log sites, programs used online, and IM Chats.
    • Activity Alerts by email, text message, or call

    Go to Safe Eyes

  • WebWatcher Remote Monitor

    • Windows PC
    • Applications Used
    • Email Recording
    • Instant Message & Chat
    • Keystroke Logging
    • Web Monitoring & Blocking
    • Content Filtering
    • Take Screenshots

    Go to WebWatcher

  • MobiStealth for Tablet & PC

    • Skype Chat & Call Recording
    • Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail Logs
    • Keystroke Logging
    • MSN & Yahoo Chat Logging
    • Complete Internet History
    • ScreenShots Logging
    • Recording of Surroundings
    • Location Reporting

    Go to MobiStealth

  • LapTop Cop Lost Laptop Recovery

    • Laptop Geolocation
    • Remotely access & retrieve files
    • Remotely delete files
    • Monitor & Control everything the thief does remotely
    • Laptop Recovery

    Go to Laptop Cop

  • PeekTab for iPad & Android Tablets

    • Text & Email Messages
    • Location
    • Photos Taken
    • Websites Visited
    • Contacts & Calendar
    • Installed Apps
    • Notes Saved

    Go to PeekTab

  • eVerify Background Check

    • Background Check
    • Court Records
    • Asset Search
    • Reverse Phone Lookup
    • Criminal & Police
    • People Search
    • Social Media Check

    Go to eVerify

  • Security Cameras Direct

    • Great Prices
    • Huge Selection
    • Security Cameras
    • GPS Tracking
    • Audio Surveillance
    • Digital Recorders
    • Counter Measures

    Go to Security Cameras Direct

  • Reverse Phone Lookup

    • Reverse Cell Phone Lookup
    • Unlisted numbers
    • Results include name, address, carrier, and other details when available.
    • Your search is confidential.

    Go to Phone Detective

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