Track & Monitor Cell Phones and Personal Computers

Track & Monitor Cell Phones and Personal Computers

: Monitor & Track Mobile Phones and Computers

Phone Spy Recommendations

In summary, you install monitoring software on a target mobile phone or computer and monitored events are accessed from an internet based account. Since it is a very popular and competitive market you can get powerful apps at cost-effective selling prices. However all products and suppliers are not the same.


Mobile Phone, Apple iPad and Tablets Spy Suggested Products

Parental Monitoring, Employee Monitoring, and Private Detective

Cell Phone Location, Go over SMS Messages & E-mail, Call Event Logs, MMS Multi-media Messages, Websites Frequented, Listen to Conversations and much more …for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia/Symbian. Our proposed monitoring and tracking apps supply the relief and security from cellphone monitoring and tracking without being apparent. We also favor vendors that have products designed for the top cellphone models from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia/Symbian.

Reliable Spy Package

Quality Tracking & Monitoring Package plus Parental Controls

Reputable Tracking & Monitoring Package plus Voice Recording

Trusted Monitoring & Tracking Package for Tablet and Apple iPad

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Computer Spy – Internet Safety and Keyloggers Software packages

Parental Controls, Employee Monitoring, and Relationship Investigations

E-mail, IM and Chat, WebCam Remote Control, Screenshot Grabs, Keystroke Logging, Website Blocking, Internet Activity Spy including Web-sites Visited and Search history, Word and Excel Documents, Apps Used, Facebook and MySpace Activity, Remote Control, and more…

Practical Computer Monitoring generally demands stealth. Our endorsed programs give you the peace of mind and confidence from computer Surveillance without getting obvious. We also have a preference for developers which have solutions suitable for the top computer operating systems.

  • Look at each and every email they incoming/outgoing
  • See each and every Instant Message or Chat they get involved in (both sides of the discussion)
  • View any web site they visit and how long they remain
  • Block access to inappropriate internet sites
  • Capture every single single keystroke entered
  • Limit access to what programs can be used (block programs & set schedules for use)
  • Take Screenshots of their monitor – letting you watch everything they do including graphics and video
  • Be notified when "alert words" you choose are used in any communications.
  • Get exact copies of Emails and Chat Conversations
  • Stealthy
  • Get Hourly Activity Reports straight to your email address!
  • Block Applications and Web Sites using keywords you specify
  • Record the specific content of every MySpace and Facebook Page Visited
  • View what they are up to off the computer with Webcam and Mic Recording
  • Remotely retrieve crucial files invisibly, using any internet connection
  • Remotely delete files or an entire hard drive
  • Safeguard your children from Online Predators by knowing dangers
  • User friendly Interface and Lifetime Priority Support including Live Chat

The Computer Spy Suggested Products

For Windows PC and Apple Mac

SniperSpy – loads remotely through email, packed with features including real-time and archived capture

For Windows PC

WebWatcher -loaded with features, extremely popular

LapTop Cop tracks device location as well as recording user activity and can retrieve files.

MobiStealth Phone Software also offers a full-featured computer spy package for Windows.

Tablet and Apple iPad Monitoring Recommendations

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Reverse Phone Number

Number Trace

Phone Reverse Lookup

Maybe you have just received a telephone call, but you want to find out the owner of the telephone number. How do you find the information you require? For those who have Caller ID, then you would have the answer – but if it was that simple your challenge would already be solved. Your best option is always to attempt a reverse cellphone lookup and Trace A Number.

Endorsed Phone Number Reverse Trace Products from Experienced Vendors

Please Take a look at our Cell Phone Number Reverse Lookup page for more information about features and benefits.

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Reverse Email Directory

Reverse Email Lookup Packages from Highly Recommended Suppliers

Please Take a look at the Email Reverse Lookup webpage for more information regarding capabilities and functionality.

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Background Check

Recommended Criminal and Employment Background Check Options from Preferred Suppliers

Record checks have grown to be as common as contacting references when you hire new people, and running offender searches is very important when you’re looking at a new sitter or tutor, or maybe a new romance. Conducting background investigation, criminal arrest searches, employee and renter screenings is a way to help keep you, your family members along with your money and business secure. Moreover, performing tenant background lookups makes your task as a property owner simpler and safeguards your rentals and while you’re away. Additional benefits associated with record investigation services include instantaneous people look ups giving the contact info you may want for forgotten neighbors, family or co-workers.

Visit our Criminal and Employment Background Check webpage for more details regarding features and functionality.

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Stolen Laptop Recovery Software

Laptop Cop gives you numerous degrees of protection.

  • Laptop Geolocation
  • Remotely access & retrieve files
  • Remotely delete files
  • Monitor & Control everything the crook does remotely
  • Laptop recovery

Anti-Virus and Internet Security

You shouldn’t be naive and think that some no cost version of one of the anti-virus applications might effectively secure your computer or laptop(s). You will probably be sorry. Especially now with the elevated sophistication of risks. If you value your computer or laptop and/or smartphone, and you value your data, and you value your identity… and bank account… get full protection.

You’ll find 3 major suppliers that provide really good solutions for anti-virus and internet malware protection. Kaspersky, BitDefender, and Panda Security. Any one of these will really matter if you are at all alert to how dangerous the internet is.

Kaspersky Pure

Kaspersky PURE provides you with much more than simply antivirus software. It truly is everything you need to safeguard all the most essential assets in your digital life: your pc, your internet accounts, your most sensitive data… even your loved ones.

Kaspersky Mobile

Kaspersky Mobile Security runs on smartphones with:

  • Android: 1.6-2.3, 4.0
  • BlackBerry: 4.5-6.0
  • Symbian (Nokia): Symbian^3 or Series 60 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4
  • Windows Mobile: 5.0-6.5
  Symbian Windows Mobile BlackBerry Android
Anti-Theft + + + +
Privacy Protection + + - +
Call & SMS Filter + + + +
Encryption + + - -
Parental Control + + - -
Anti-Virus + + - +

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Hidden Cameras and Gear

Huge selection of Surveillance Cameras, Bugging Devices, Gps Satellite Tracking, Child Safety, Home , Security, Hidden Cameras, Nanny Cams and more for Consumers and Businesses.

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Make an Informed Decision about Cell Surveillance Applications with this Reference Information

Understanding all the technological jargon and working through the many websites is a overwhelming job. We’ve made a comparison and recommendation of what we think are the best solutions. We have done the research to save you time in selecting the most effective solution for your needs. Phone Monitoring Comparison 1) ranks the products and sellers, 2) supplies a list of the features they supply, and 3) answers what it all means. Find the nuts and bolts of: Mobile Tracker Location, Look at SMS Text messages & E-mail, Call Logs, MMS Multi-media Pictures & Video, Webpages Frequented, Listen to & Record Phone calls and more.

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